It’s 2020 and since starting this new year I have been delving in and discovering again what's important to me. Not what will make me money, not what will make others happy, but what I can do for me to make me feel my best.


I realised last year that  I had lost my relationship with myself. We focus so much on constantly building. Building our careers, building our relationships, or building others that we forget to build ourselves.


One of the things I have done so far is to give my life a fresh, new start is decluttered my space. I wanted my space to feel inviting to me again. I wanted to feel inspired and creative and like it was mine. Here are a few tips that helped me along in my decluttering mission :


How you want to feel in your space?

Ask yourself how you want to feel in your space. Do you want to feel cosy and relaxed after a long day of work? Maybe you work from home and want to create a space that makes you feel energised and creative.


When you know how you want your space to feel to you it will help you to know what kind of things you want to invite into your life and what you can part with. Even though the mission is to declutter, you may want to add a few finishing touches that set the mood of your new space. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to add some new splashes of joy to your environment.


Start as big or small as you like

Decluttering can feel like such a daunting task. Looking at photos of beautiful clear homes on Instagram and Pinterest can make us feel even more overwhelmed by how much we have to do in our house to make it feel like ours again.


Remember your house isn’t those houses online and I guarantee those houses don’t look like that all the time. Give yourself a massive break and let yourself go at your own pace. You may want to start with one room or even a few items, or you may be one for taking a whole day to get right into decluttering mode. There is no right or wrong way to declutter, the most important thing is to start.


Use a timer

Something that works great is using a timer. You really feel like your up against the clock. You can set the timer for one minute or one hour, whatever you feel is doable to you. It also helps you make decisions quicker. Rather than pondering for a few minutes whether to keep that stained top you’ve had for years that you never wear, you will be able to make a quick yes or no decision because you want to keep to the time limit.


Decide where to take the old

Usually, when decluttering, I would take all my old things that were still in good condition to a car boot sale. I love car boot sales and its a great way to make extra money. But I realised If I did that I would probably have the bags lying around for a while, still decluttering space and could be in danger of letting it be something ‘ill get round to soon’.

We need to let things flow in and out of our life more easily and without guilt. Not everything has to be centred around financial gain. So I took my 8 bags of clutter to a charity shop and got rid of them in one fell swoop. Walking home into a clear space after made me feel amazing. My mind felt instantly clear and my space was so clutter-free I actually had a little happy dance in my kitchen.