The simple act of drinking tea is one many of us take for granted. At Natures Remedee’s we believe the act of drinking tea is more than just drinking. Us brits love a cup of tea many of us consume multiple cups a day, but we usually drink it on the go, or at our desk, not really making the most of the therapeutic ritual of tea that it offers.

We all need mindful ways to come back to the centre and the whole act from making to consuming tea can be a therapeutic act. A daily dose of self care. Here are four tips we use to be mindful while consuming tea.


Choosing the tea and mug

As you wait for your water to boil ask yourself how you are feeling. Is there any aches or pains in your body? Are you feeling tired? What feelings have been arising through the day? Choose your tea accordingly! The glorious world of tea can offer a whole range of teas to aid your mood. If you’re feeling anxious and busy, choose something calming. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather choose something immune boosting. We have a whole range of different teas for different moods on our website. Sometimes my favourite part of making tea is choosing the mug. 

Consider colour, style, and function. Maybe go all out and use a saucer and teapot. 


Slow down and make time

Let yourself slow down and carve out twenty minutes for a full tea ritual. Don’t feel guilty about giving yourself a bit more time than usual. When we create moments of relaxation and time for our minds to slow down, we will be more energised, productive and motivated. After all, we cant pour from an empty cup.


Be mindful

Choose your tea. Choose your mug. Fill the kettle noticing the splashing of water as it hits the bottom. Turn the kettle on and choose your tea. Watch the steam dance as it boils. Watch the colour of the water change as the tea steeps. Add lemon, honey, milk, or something new. Hold the cups in your hands and feel the warmth. Notice the way the tea warms you as you drink it. Sit in your favourite spot and ask yourself how you’re feeling. Take some deep breaths and drink your tea. Give yourself as much time as you like for this ritual, do not rush, everything else can wait.